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Treatment of Cancer Or Tumor way

- 2:45 PM
Cancer in this case can be called a tumor . Tumors are cells that
grow out of control.
Tumors were divided into 2 of tumors are not growing and tumors can develop. The tumor is not growing so-called tumor benign, while tumors are growing and uncontrolled called a malignant tumor or who often disebur with cancer .
Cancer can grow any parts of the body such as the nose, mouth, throat, intestines and even though upstream heart. 

Signs - Signs Cancer Or Tumor Normally :
  1. Abnormal bleeding
  2. Bumps in the breast or elsewhere
  3. Disturbed appetite as well as digestion
  4. Wound or sore that does not heal.
Patients with cancer should multiply eating foods fruits and vegetables, regular bathing and clean and not a negative feeling but closer to God.

Some Ways Treatment of Cancer Or Tumor With Natural Plant :
  1. Take the leaves and flowers kemladean (parasite), then wash with clean water and boil about 3 cups of water to a boil. Mimlah cooking water after a cold and can also be coupled with pure bee honey.
  2. Take cermai leaves young, young papaya leaves, and the leaves are still young starfruit.Size, comparable with 3 handheld tangan.cuci leaves - the leaves thoroughly and boiled with water until approximately 3 cups boiling. After that cool the boiling water and can be added to the native honey bees. Then drink every morning and afternoon with a drink ½cup.
  3. Take a fresh carrots and shredded and mixed with water, then squeeze and strain resulting mixture of carrots and water, can also be coupled with the native honey bees. Drink every morning and evening regularly.
  4. If there are no materials - materials on the way (way 1,2,3) at least be able to drink the original bee honey every morning, afternoon or evening, to drink a tablespoon.

Hopefully some of the ways it can help in the healing of cancer or tumors that grow in one part of your body. Good luck and hopefully a speedy recovery.
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