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How to Treat Asthma

- 2:45 PM
Asthma is a disease such as disorders of the respiratory apparatus
swelling of the throat or constriction of the airways, making breathing disturbed or even shortness of breath - breath.

Narrowing of the airways in response to the stimulation of the normal lung will not affect the respiratory tract. This narrowing can be triggered by many things stimuli such as dust, animal dander, smoke, cold air and exercise are too tired.

Asthma can be caused by several things, namely :
  1. Heredity or inborn
  2. Dusty or smoky environment, etc.
  3. Their organs associated with impaired respiratory, fall sprains or neurological abnormalities.

But asthma can also occur in some people trnpa ​​certain allergies, the same reaction occurs when the person is exercising or cold weather. Stress and anxiety also trigger the release of histamine and leukotrienes

Obar natural medicines can make people with asthma undergo normal lives, earlier treatment to control asthma attack is different from regular treatment to prevent asthma attacks.

How To - How Prngobatan:

1.       amethyst leaves and flowers are dried and shredded klobot made ​​like cigarettes, then turned on as we smoke, the smoke inhaled Strong - Strong repeatedly - again until healed
2.       Eating betel leaf (nginang) material two fresh betel leaves, a little gambier and coupled with whiting. Performed on or at night.
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