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How To Treat Heart Disease With Natural Plant

- 2:43 PM
The heart   is a hollow, hollow organ muscular pumpingblood through the blood vessels by
Repeated rhythmic contractions

Approximately the size of a person's heart around the fist of the heart owners. The heart is a muscle consisting of a single layer of endothelium. Located in the heart of torakik cavity, behind the sternum

Heart disease because of the depressed deep feeling shaken, too hard or tired.

Common Symptoms of Heart Disease :
  1. Face look pale
  2. Hands and feet feel cold
  3. Chest tightness feel instantly
  4. Heart felt spasms and pain
  5. sometimes feels well on the back, arms and shoulders.

Heart Disease Patients Should :

  1. Give patients with good, loosen tight clothing
  2. Wipe chest pain and leg with a bottle filled with hot water
  3. Selimutilah thick cloth

There is no better way of countermeasures to prevent disease and heart attacks, in addition to a healthy lifestyle as often up early, not often sleep too late, avoid cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, a healthy diet multiply eat fibrous foods and vegetables, and do not eat too much fatty food and high cholesterol, and regular exercise, and not excessive.

How to Heart Disease Treatment With Natural Plant:

Take three carrots were still fresh, wash with clean water, then shredded. Squeeze and strain and then take the water. Give two tablespoons of pure honey, mix and drink. Perform was three times a day until healed.
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