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Traits and Causes of Breast Cancer And medicine

- 2:35 PM
Cancer is one of the world's deadliest diseases. Breast cancer is another type of cancer that occurs in breast tissue. When the abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and eating will menyababkan these cells to form extra tissue or benign or malignant tumors. Malignant tumor cells (cancer) can spread to other parts of the body tissues nearby and can break away from a primary tumor shape and will form secondary tumors elsewhere in the body. To determine the characteristics of breast cancer can be determined by taking a sample of cells that undergo breast tissue lumps (biopsy). This action is performed to determine cell growth that occurs, whether the tumor is benign or malignant tumors.
Not known with certainty the cause of breast cancer but there are factors that allow the occurrence of breast cancer among others: 
- Women 
Women have a greater risk of developing breast cancer compared with men. 
- Age 
Women over 60 have a greater risk breast cancer compared with the young. 
- Family history 
Families who have a history of breast cancer health then it is possible that this cancer can be decreased. 
- Radiation 
If it was a child or adult ever get radiation treatment will allow will have breast cancer at a later date. 
- Obesity 
Has a body obesity (kegemukkan) would be a risk factor for breast cancer. 
- Early Menopause 
Early menopause or faster will allow the risk of breast cancer. 
- Alcohol 
Drinking alcohol is a risk factor for breast cancer. 
- postmenopausal hormone therapy 
use estrogen and progesterone hormone therapy further increase the risk of breast cancer.
In addition to the signs and symptoms of breast cancer include: 
1. There is a lump in the breast that is thickened and different from the other network. 
2. Have peeling of the skin nipple. 
3. Bleeding in the nipple. 
4. Experience changes in shape and size. 
5. Changes in breast like an orange peel skin. 
6. Part into the nipple. 
7. There is redness in the breast.
Many ways to address breast cancer include: 
- X-rays and gamma irradiation (Radiation) 
- Surgical removal of the breast (mastectomy) 
- Tracks metabolism 
- The use of anti-cancer drugs or cytokines (chemotherapy) 
- The use of herbal medicines. 
From some way above the use of drugs herbs can be your choice as a breast cancer drug .Kullit mangosteen and soursop leaves have efficacy for the treatment and prevention of cancer.You do not have to bother to meraciknya, because it's been a lot of herbal remedies made ​​from the mangosteen peel and leaves of the soursop. And certainly already guaranteed quality and processing. You can buy these drugs at pharmacies nearby.
In addition for those of you who do not have breast cancer need for prevention efforts for you just like to do a technique BSE (breast self-check) every month. This can be done one week after menstruation. Because if done before menstruation could have contained a lump in the breast is not abnormal lumps but because of hormones. To perform breast self-examination techniques, namely: 
1. Sitting in front of the glass with undressing, then observe the glass color, size or shape of the breast. 
2. Place both hands on the waist and then toleh right and left, and then observe whether aka breast lump or not. 
3. Raise both hands up then observe whether there is a breast lump or not. 
4. After that lying in bed then right-fingered hand gently on the breast using a three-finger rotate clockwise. On the left breast the same way, if there is a lump that settled the mark using the pens. Then you should consult a doctor and do biobsy.
By doing regular breast self-examination technique every month then you've done in the early detection of breast cancer. In addition you must also have a healthy lifestyle to avoid many health problems including breast cancer. Hopefully this article useful to you.

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