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Tips for Traditional Medicine for the Elderly Rabun Close

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Eye disorder that makes people unable to see objects that are close to the well known by hipermetropi. Hipermetropi term this could also be called with farsightedness. Hipermetropi also known by the term hiperiopi or eye plus. Hipermetropi may be a disorder in which the incoming light into the eyeball of patients do not experience normal accommodation. Beam falls at the focal point that is behind the retina that can not see objects in close proximity to the obvious.

Nearsightedness an eye disorder which is caused by the function of the eye muscles that have been slack. This disorder usually occurs in people aged over forty years and above. This disorder is the result of a decrease in the elastic power of the eye lens. in general, if an infant up to the age of twelve years of experience hipermetropi. After twelve years of a person's eyes will return to normal viewing. At a young age to adulthood ability to see someone being very good. When adults start stepping forty years this ability will decrease with age. Usually in old age, humans will be difficult to see at close range around approximately thirty centimeters.

Tips for Traditional Medicine Rabun Close
Illustration farsightedness in the elderly
Complaints What Happens To People Rabun Close

Patients farsighted in general are parents who have experienced a decline in visual function. In addition it is because the function of the eye muscles and nerves that have been dropped, hipermetropi patients also experienced some of the complaints are often felt daily. Here are the complaints experienced by patients hipermetropi:

Pederita headaches when viewed at close range for too long
Uncomfortable looking to do a focus for a long time
Blurred close viewing distance
The views will be blurred when viewed at close range with a long time
If the level is high hipermetropinya would run closer view


Preventing Myopia Close

Farsightedness occur because ball-shaped eyes is shorter than the normal human eyeball. Moreover, because it is an optical system that works on the eye refractive power shortage. It is for people who have aged the aging process that occurs naturally. This will happen when patients experience changes in the ability to see at close range. It is almost natural by everyone over the age of forties. In the eyes of parents, experienced the crystalline lens elasticity power deficient conditions so that the eye lens becomes a convex shape.

Prevention of nearsightedness is quite difficult to do. Given this is a process which generally occurs in normal humans. Especially for those who have a professional driver or sailor in general the experience faster hipermetropi process in general. Precautions of this disorder can be done by maintaining eye health from an early age and consume a variety of nutrients that support eye health. It also can do therapy with traditional materials

Traditional herb Rabun Close To Patients

Nearsightedness can be in therapy using traditional ingredients. This herb can use lemon juice and honey. The trick is to dry the beans with lime and then pounded until smooth. Then the results of these collisions in brewed with hot water and honey. To maintain the cleanliness of the patient's eyes can clean the eyes with water jasmine. You do this by soaking in water overnight jasmine flowers. Then the soaking water was used to clean the eyes. once a day to do this. See also: Myopia Treatment Tips Away with Traditional Remedy
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