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Is True Lemon Water Can Burn Calories?

- 9:44 PM
Water is a very healthy drink for our body. Where more than half of our body is made of water. Water is also very beneficial for health and for beauty. The water is clean up and release the toxin toxins in the intestine, toxins tersebutlah lead to various problems in the body. Every day, someone suggested to consume at least 8 glasses of water to meet the needs of your body. Water is very good for health and beauty.

Water can also help the body to not experience dehydration, water is better in comparison to consumption of canned drinks because acid contained in the beverage cans would be dangerous. Therefore, begin to leave the canned drinks and consume water regularly. See also: 5 Drinks Diet Right For You

Is True Lemon Water Can Burn Calories?
Illustration of water is added with lemon slices ©
However, have you ever seen someone carrying a bottle of drinking water containing lemon slices? Well, someone who was carrying a bottle of water and then inside there are slices of lemon, has now become a common sight, because they believe that the water added with lemon water is healthier.

But is it true that in the water add lemon juice is more useful? The answer is yes and no, why? The myth of water with lemon added to weight loss is not really proven. Nevertheless, consuming lemon water can help us to reduce bloating. Lemon water makes us more frequent urination because it has benefits diuretic which means draws water from the cells of the body. For some people, lemon juice can also help quantity BAB more.

This is exactly what many consider to be the calorie burner, because the liquid waste will be more and if the weight will be much reduced. However, lemon water has become one of the causes of the metabolic process faster.

But whether it was because the water or because lemonnya? Has to know that drinking 17 ounces of water can help the body to speed up the process of burning calories during one hour ahead.

The water is water that is not in add lemon or other, it is based on research done by The Journal of Endocrionology and Metabolism.

Lemon is a fruit that contains vitamin C which is good for health as well as beneficial for fat burning. Based on research, people who consume vitamin C, it will burn fat 30% better in comparison with a person who exercise in high intensity. See also: What are the Benefits of Vitamin C Face?

Vitamin C is not only obtained from lemon, but other fruits such as oranges, kiwi, papaya, grapefruit and so forth. So not only mixing water with lemon, you also mix water with other fruits in order to get a greater benefit from water and fruit. Want to burn calories with another search? Read it Here 5 Reasons That Make Run More Exciting
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