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Why Dates Good for Iftar?

- 3:39 PM
Breaking the fast with dates is not just a tradition of Middle Eastern societies. Prophet Muhammad also recommend eating dates and often mushy or wet to break his fast before the Maghrib prayers. If no dates mushy, the Prophet would eat dried dates, and if nothing else, then he drink water.
But not just recommended, because it turns out to break the fast with dates also provide positive benefits to health. Science proves if the dates do contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that the body needs.
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Healthy Benefits of Fasting Dates

Iftar, dates also has a variety of advantages that are not owned by other foods. Here are the benefits of dates to break the fast:
Easily digested by the stomach
When fasting, on an empty stomach for a few hours and the body's metabolism running slower than usual. The stomach will take time to adapt to accept food again after breaking.Therefore, choose foods that are easily digested like dates so that the stomach is not surprised and tired of having to work hard with sudden.
Prepare the stomach to receive other foods
Direct breaking with great food as well as drive a car without memanasinya. This method can cause digestive problems such as heartburn, upset stomach, or diarrhea. You would be easy to feel sleepy and lazy activity. Because the body must devote energy to the digestive system and reduce the intake to other organs. In fact, there are still worship tarawih prayer that unfortunately passed only because of drowsiness.
Breaking the fast with dates can help prepare the stomach to receive other foods. Besides being easily digested, dates will enable the release of enzymes and digestive juices in the stomach. The body also become more energized and ready to perform its functions.
Prevent overeating
Dates are rich in dietary fiber which can make the stomach feel full faster. Carbohydrates are also high because natural sugar content, namely glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Sugar in dates including complex carbohydrates are digested gradually so as to control appetite and prevent you for "revenge" or overeating after a day of fasting.
Provide quick energy
often feel weak or dizzy while fasting? This could be caused by low blood sugar on an empty stomach and rest for several hours. In order to normalize blood sugar levels and restore energy, people often breaking with drinks or sweet foods.Unfortunately, many of them would choose unhealthy foods or simple carbohydrates that can lead to a surge of glucose and increases appetite.
Dates can be an alternative to breaking food healthier. Natural sugar can be immediately transferred to the liver and converted into energy faster than other nutrients. Appetite is also better controlled because of high fiber foods is owned dates.
Digestive system healthy
eating clock changes and the lack of fiber intake during fasting can cause digestive problems. Moreover, many people are crazy and eating unhealthy foods both at dawn and breaking. Consumption of some dates on a regular basis when breaking can help maintain the health of your digestive system.
Its food fiber digestion and cleanse the intestines of toxins and other harmful substances.Lakasatifnya properties prevent constipation that often occurs during fasting. Dates also stimulates growth of good bacteria and inhibits the growth of organisms in the gut.Meanwhile, amino acids help to aid digestion and improve the absorption of nutrients by the body.
Normalize blood acidity
levels often increased acidity of the blood when the body burns fat stores as a primary energy source during fasting. In this phase, the mouth will emit body odor and feel exhausted.This condition is normal and nothing to worry experienced.
However, consumption of meat and carbohydrates which often happens during fasting can increase the acidity of the blood. In the long term, excess acid can cause hereditary diseases such as diabetes, gout, urinary tract infections, high blood pressure, and hemorrhoids.Consumption some dates when breaking can help overcome because dates contain alkaline salts that can normalize blood acidity.
Nutritional requirements
Another benefit of dates to break the fast. Dates contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are beneficial to health. Dates consumption is accompanied by a healthy diet would help maintain the health and fitness of the body during fasting. Choose fresh dates to get the best results.
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