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Pain medications Effective Than Natural Ingredients

- 9:14 PM
When experiencing back pain is very painful and uncomfortable making activity. We become more easily tired, lazy activity, difficulty sitting and many others. There are so many causes of back pain. For example kleseo, one sitting, one bed, injured during sports and many more.

Back pain occurs due to pinched nerves or joints or not in accordance with the place. If on leave granted, will lead to more serious diseases. Therefore, if you have back pain, you should immediately heal. Here are some natural back pain medication very powerful by using natural ingredients.

Pain medications with Natural Ingredients

Pain medications Effective Than Natural Ingredients
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Soursop Leaf

Pain medications are the first natural waist soursop leaves. Perhaps you already know that soursop leaf actually has a lot of benefits. There are some people who say, that the soursop leaves have a substance that can cure cancer. In addition to cure cancer, soursop leaves can also cure back pain. How to make it very easy. Take approximately 25 soursop leaves are not so old, wash thoroughly. Boil using 6 cups of water, bring to a boil until the remaining 3 cups only. Drink once a day, until your back pain is completely cured. See also: Benefits of Soursop Leaf for Health

Root Ilalang

Root weeds can also be used as a medicine pain naturally. the roots of the weeds is very easy to obtain. Usually root weeds used as medicine heartburn. To make a potion to cure back pain by using root weeds, is very simple. Take a few stems of dried roots of weeds that have been cleaned. Boil 1 liter using water. Simmer until the remaining half. Drink one glass three times a day ie morning, afternoon and evening. Perform routine, at the time of boiling should not be added with sugar or any material.


Dewa leaf

The next waist pain medications are leaves of the gods. Leaves god does have a lot of benefits for treating various diseases. God leaves contain saponins, volatile oil and flavanoid compounds. To make a decoction of lumbago, you have to use some materials. First, prepare 40 grams of leaves gods, 35 grams of leaf china is still fresh, 40 grams of ginger and 600 ml of water. Rinse all the material that had been prepared. Boil all ingredients with water, bring to a boil until the remaining half of it. Strain the mixture and then drink a day one time.

Hyacinths leaf

In addition to using the leaves of the gods, lily leaves can also be used as a natural pain medication. Lily leaves contain substances that can make the joints and nerves at the waist for the better. I make also very easy. Take a few leaves of daffodils, wash clean. Use a lily leaves are not too old and not too young. Boiled with water until boiling and then filtered. Seethe drink twice a day lily leaves regularly, until you heal back pain.

By using natural ingredients that are very effectively used as a pain medication. Taking the drug regularly. It also had to do a bit of movement, so that the waist can be moved slightly. These materials are very easy to get around your neighborhood. how to make it also very simple and easy. The most important thing you have the patience of yourself so that the back pain recover quickly. So little review that I can convey. Hope can provide useful information for you.
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