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Medication Most Powerful Natural Uric Acid

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Gout disease can be caused by the accumulation of substances in the body of excess purine, purine substances will then be processed by the body and then generates uric acid. However, if the production of uric acid in the body too much eating will result in disorders of the kidneys, where the kidneys can not remove uric acid properly then would make shaped uric acid crystals accumulate in the joints. Signs symptoms of gout among others that: 
- In the joints are usually painful joints during the morning or at night. 
- Joints ache, pains and tingling pain until the swelling and sometimes even reddish. 
- The pain in joints occurs repeatedly . 
- Parts of the body are attacked usually in the joints toes, fingers, heels, knees, elbows and wrists. 
- If you have severe gout, the joint feels very sick if to move.

Food Restrictions Gout Sufferers

Before discussing natural remedies for gout first you must know the various types of food abstinence for gout sufferers, namely: 
- food offal 
- food beef, goats and horses 
- fried foods 
- foods that contain lots of fat and high in protein 
- canned food 
- durian and pineapple 
- broth, cheese, ice cream 
- nuts, etc.

Natural Uric Acid drugs

Once you know the cause and type of food taboos gout sufferer , then you will want to know that gout medicine is made ​​of natural ingredients and there is also a gout medicine available in pharmacies. Various kinds of natural gout medicine , among others: 
1. Reduce foods that contain purine substances 
type food containing purine substances is offal, canned food, meat extracts such as shredded and dried meat and seafood. 
2. Increase consumption of water 
Drink plenty of water can dilute the urine and inhibit the process of formation of uric acid in excess. Inimal consume 8 glasses of water per day. 
3. Drinking cherry juice 
cherry fruit juice can help blood and urine to offset the acidity. Cherry fruit also contains a lot of nutrients and potassium that can help to treat pain caused by gout. 
4. Consumption of vitamin C. 
Vitamin C can help to reduce levels of uric acid in the body.
Well, that's some kind of powerful natural gout medicine is very easy to do at home. Besides natural gout medicine is no longer a generic gout drug . for this type of gout generic drugs are usually available at pharmacies or if you go to the doctor then you will get these drugs from doctors. For those of you who are not used to consume generic medicines then you can choose to use the gout medicine herbal and natural. Due to the use of drugs that are made ​​naturally definitely safer for your health and does not cause side effects.

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