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Teeth Whitening drugs sold in pharmacies VS Traditional Medicine

- 3:00 PM
Everyone must have longed for white teeth. Having white teeth makes people become more confident. Sometimes there are some people in a chat or talk than to see the eyes definitely saw teeth. If you want to have white teeth and healthy of course, not only just silent, but there must be an effort to make the teeth white and healthy. There are several factors that cause yellow teeth and unhealthy teeth, among others: 
- Due to Smoking 
- Too often drink coffee or tea 
- lazy to brush their teeth and how to brush their teeth less than perfect 
- Wear eye drops excess 
- too often consume energy drinks or supplements 
- Less her treatments on the teeth 
- the age factor 
- Using chemical drugs, etc.
People who have yellow teeth would definitely look for ways to make his teeth look white and healthy. Most people choose to use bleach teeth . But before you use bleach your teeth have to find out first whether the tooth whitening medication can cause side effects and make your dependency. Yellow teeth can be resolved by not using the drug in pharmacies teeth whitening . We all know that drugs are sold in pharmacies almost everything is made ​​of chemicals. You also must know the use of chemical drugs in the long term can cause side effects to the health of your body.
But you do not need to worry because there are drugs naturally yellow teeth whitening and using traditional materials such as: 
1. Whiten teeth using orange peel 
Who would have thought that turns orange peel contains vitamin C is beneficial to dental care. The trick with enggunakan the inside of the orange peel white and then rub it on your teeth. However, this method is not suitable for sensitive teeth. 
2. Whiten teeth using Strawberry 
fruit of this one besides good to eat was also efficacious to whiten teeth. The trick is not difficult, because you only need to directly consume this fruit such as eating regular fruit. 
3. Whiten teeth using Siwak 
Siwak is a branch or tree roots that can be used to clean teeth. How to clean teeth using siwak been done by the Muslims since time immemorial. In addition to cleaning teeth siwak can also make teeth strong. 
4. Whiten teeth using baking soda 
Baking soda can help remove existing stains on the teeth. But not too often use baking soda to whiten teeth, because it will damage the coating on the teeth, use a maximum of two times within 1 month. It's easy enough rubbing baking soda on teeth and then let stand for about 10 minutes then brush your teeth using toothpaste. 
5. Increase the consumption of water 
Perbanyaklah consume at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep your teeth clean and healthy. 
6. Consumption of fruits 
type of fruit that can be used to keep the teeth to keep them clean and healthy include pears, apples and strawberries. Types of fruits can help the production of more saliva. Saliva is able to get rid of the bacteria trigger tooth decay. 
7. Consumption of vegetables are dark green 
type dark green vegetables include broccoli and spinach. The types of vegetables have a mineral content which serves to produce membranes that cover and protect teeth from stains. 
Well, that's some way traditional and whiten teeth naturally. The materials needed are also not difficult to be able and certainly safer to use compared with the use of products made ​​from chemicals. 
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