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Miscellaneous Characters Blood

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Blood type is a classification of blood from each individual that is based on the presence or absence of a substance on the surface of antigen heritage red blood cell membranes. Human blood type can be determined based on the type of antigen and antibodies contained in the blood.

The following classification of blood groups:

Blood type O have the blood cells without the antigen, but may produce antibodies against the antigen A and antigen B. So people who have O-negative blood type can donate blood to people with blood group ABO or can be called a universal donor.

Blood group B have B antigens on the surface of red blood cells and produce antibodies teradap antigen A in the blood serum. People who have blood type B-negative can only receive blood from the blood type B-negative and O-negative.
AB blood type have red blood cells with antigen A and B and does not produce antibodies against the antigen A and antigen B. People with blood group AB can be called universal recipients because AB + blood type can receive blood of any ABO blood group.
Blood type A red blood cells have A antigens on the surface of the cell membrane and can produce antibodies against the B antigen in blood serum. People who have blood type A-negative can only receive blood from A- blood type O-negative and negative.

Blood type O is a common blood type and is often found in the world. While rare blood type is AB blood type.

A person's character can be determined based on blood type. Well, the following kinds of characters based on blood type, among others:
Character blood type O
People with blood type O is the person who is open, energetic and social. They are the most flexible than the other blood types.
- Blood type O is usually very instrumental in creating a passion in a group and play a role in creating harmony among the members of the group. They usually spirited leadership as a leader.
- They have a figure as someone who is able to accept and implement something quietly.
- They directly to his hard angry if you're upset with someone.
- They are very flexible and easy to accept new things.
- Kind-hearted (generous), happy to do good, generous and do not hesitate to spend money on other people.
- Despite stubborn but liked by everyone and have an opinion about things in secret.
- Easily influenced by the surrounding environment.
- Looks cool head and reliable, but they often slip and often make big mistakes because of lack of caution.

Character blood group B
People with blood type B has the most relaxed arakter. They tend to be less cooperative because they prefer to follow their ideas and their own rules. They are the type of person individualistic. People with blood type B are often considered unconventional compared to other types of blood groups.
- People who have blood type B rather have a curiosity and interest towards new things.
- Too much has indulgence and hobbies. If you're happy with something they are passionate, but quickly bored.
- Of the many things are done they can choose which is more important.
- Do not want to be average and wants to be the number one.
- Visible cheerful, bright, enthusiastic and excited from the outside but is actually different from that exist within.
AB blood type character
People who have blood type AB is difficult to guess or predict. They were able to memmiliki arakter of the two different ends of the spectrum.
- It has a soft feeling and sensitive.
- Keeping the feelings of others, attentive and always face other people with prudence.

- Loud with yourself and with those close to him.

- Tend to have two personalities.

- Often the sentiment and think something teralu long.

- Got a lot of friends, but will need time to be alone and think about their problems.

Character blood group A

People who have blood type A have properties consistent, organized and very easy to work together but always anxious to make another oran easy to dislike.

- People who have blood type A have a patient nature, thorough and serious.

- Having a strong character, reliable but also stubborn.

- Before working on something they certainly think of first is kosisten.

- Trying to make themselves as ideal as possible.

- Sometimes aloof and distant from the people.

- Able to suppress feelings and look tough.

- Tend hard against those who disagree.
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