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Most Sensitive Zones In Men

- 7:36 AM

Women usually know how happy partner. They will do a lot of ways to make a man separated from his arms. Such as giving gifts or invite a romantic dinner. However, there are other ways to make men more happy and excited.

Give a touch and caress tenderly in the six most sensitive point. Guaranteed, he'll excited and make intoxicated. Here are six of the most sensitive zone of a man who shall touch healthmeup reported, including:

1. Ear
Whisper words of love in her ear, then bite slowly and stick out your tongue into his ear, especially on the right side. He will feel a shock because of what you wild! The ears become sensitive point because the right ear is connected to part of the brain that control happiness.

2. Neck
Men have a certain erogenous points around the neck and above the collarbone or at the end of the hairline. The best option is to work on two points pleasure at the same time, like biting his ear lobe, stroking his neck. You can also give a kiss mark or a hickey on his neck.

3. The scrotum
The scrotum is the sac (consisting of skin and muscle) that wraps the testes or testicles. Located between the scrotum and the anus and penis in front of the perineum. This part is very sensitive and responds well stimulation. You can caress, lick, gently sucking the scrotum. If not fondling the soft, skin loses sensitivity. Remember that the testis is a sensitive organ. So it should not be gripped or bitten hard in order not to lose its function.

4. Putting
Not only women who like to be touched and sucked her nipples. Men, too. Touch and occasionally delicate nipples pinched by men. Do not forget to kiss and suck her nipples.

5. The perineum
Perineum is the area between the thighs are restricted vulva and anus. Press with a fingertip at the mid point of the perineum. He will soon be aroused and excited again. It can even cause an erection. Do this when you make love foreplay so that the hotter the atmosphere!

6. Skin
Explore every inch of his body began to head to toe. Massage start back, buttocks, inner thighs, biceps gently. Physical contact such as this is one way to increase arousal. Soft touch made him more impatient to conquer you, ladies!

Do not miss one of this section to make the man in your knees. Once you touch it, the man will be hooked and never want to be separated from you!

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