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Myopia Treatment Tips Away with Traditional Remedy

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Related eye disorders by seeing one of them is shortsighted. Usually there are two types of nearsightedness is nearsightedness and farsightedness. While myopia that often attacks the productive age is nearsighted. This disorder is called with myopia or minus eye.

The disorder is marked by decreasing the function of vision when viewing objects from a long distance. To close the eye can see well. Impaired vision can be encountered around the world. Many citizens of the world who experience myopia. Usually nearsightedness is due to external factors such as lack of rest, watch TV or play computer too close for too long.
Myopia Treatment Tips Away with Traditional Remedy
Illustration nearsightedness in adolescents
Causes of occurrence of Myopia Away

Nearsightedness or myopia can be caused by many things. People who have certain factors will have a higher tendency to experience this disorder. Here are the things that can cause abnormalities of myopia:
Genetic. This factor caused by their offspring or parents who have a pda axis of the eyeball that is longer than normal. So that will give birth to a child who experienced the same thing
Factors race. Based on the study of race asia has a greater tendency, then the European, American and most small risk are African race
Unhealthy lifestyle habits such as looking at close range, reading with a short distance, lack of vitamin A, too long in front of a computer screen and others.


Myopia Treatment Far

Nearsightedness usually handled by using a minus glasses so that sufferers often called by a minus. In addition to using the glasses, myopia sufferers can wear contact lenses. However, the use of contact lenses can cause allergy and dry eye. This myopia eye treatment is treatment with the aid of its own without treating myopia. Because the position of the eye muscles that have not slack due to the habit accommodation would not be in favor.

In addition to using visual aids, nearsighted patients could be treated with eye surgery known as LASIK often. This operation is the most well-known method for treating this disorder. But sometimes there are patients who are afraid to do the surgery so many chose to use glasses. For LASIK surgery is in need substantial costs.

Treating Myopia Away With Traditional Remedy

Nearsightedness can help by doing therapy with traditional materials. To cope with natural ingredients myopia. Materials are in use is to use Moringa leaves and honey. How to make it is to grind the leaves of Moringa then mixed with a glass of lukewarm water and one tablespoon of honey. The mixture is brewed to the boil. After boiling and then filtered. This herb in the drink every night before bed.

Nearsightedness can be prevented since childhood. Since childhood, if in the habit to avoid bad habits dna live a healthy life with lots of nutritious foods. Foods that contain lots of nutrients for eye health are eggs, broccoli, avocado, carrots and spinach. Get used to staring at the screen or read the normal range is also very important to maintain eye health. besides if it has suffered minus diopters small scale should consume lots of vitamin A and train the eyes to get accustomed to the normal accommodation. Using the first-aid spectacles for people with myopia are the most important.
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