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Health Information | Muscle cramps, well this has happened a few times when I played futsal with friends, this happened when I played futsal without any heating and direct running.
Muscle cramps occur due to loss of body salts and fluids because of the sweat that comes out. Cramps can usually be cured by stretching and massaging the affected muscle. Cramps are muscle cramps that cause pain and tenderness. Ototsering Seizures occur when we are sleeping, but also because of strenuous physical activity and did pemanasanterlebih first sebelummelakukan sport activities and, if allowed to stand cramps can be a fatal injury.
Causes Muscle Cramps and Handle
Causes Muscle Cramps and How to Overcome It


1.Kram on foot

Victim helped to his feet and his weight was arrested with the front legs. After the first pass ejang, massage her feet.

2.Kram on calf

Victim knee straightened, feet pressed firmly and steadily to above leads to the shin. Massage the muscles by pressing to give a calming effect on the muscle.

3.Kram on thigh

For cramps in the back of the thigh, knee and lift leg straightened victims. To seizures in the front of the thighs, knees bent. In both thighs, massage muscles are strong.

The way that we often see in the game is a medical spray squirted into a player who collapsed due to cramping or injury. spray was named chlor ethyl. Where the spray is useful to eliminate pain / illness that is local.

The easiest way to cope with cramps is by applying the part that cramps special ointment muscle pain reliever. It is enough to bring significant changes to relieve pain due to cramps. With drugs heater [ointment, balm, or patches] useful to dilate blood vessels so that blood flow is not interrupted due to the strength / muscle spasms in the case cramps.


1. Shower or soak parts terexplorasi when doing activities with warm water. Nice done after the move all day, every time before bed to relax all the muscles are tense.

2. Perform stretching / cooling before going to sleep, but avoid tension / straightening toe while stretching and sleep and try to keep your legs warm during sleep.

3. Avoid exercise or strenuous activity suddenly as it may cause muscle into shock (cramps). Therefore, warm up properly before exercising or doing other physical activity and cool down after completion. It will provide an opportunity for the muscles to adapt so as not to cause cramping. It would be better if the heating is carried out every morning after waking up, doing small gymnastics.

4. Drink at least six glasses filled every day, including one glass before bed. Also drink plenty before, during and after exercise.

5. Consumption of foods rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium. Eat one or two bananas a day is sufficient to meet the needs of your potassium.

6. Eat Multivitamin B and Vitamin E, Because muscles need these essential vitamins to repair and rebuild cells and helps prevent cramps. Dr. Deed said, vitamin B is proven to help the function of nerve and pain control supplied by the nerve.

7. Nothing wrong doing stretching after doing a continuous activity in some time. For example after sitting continuously in front of the computer for 2 hours in an airplane or vehicle which takes a long time or walking long distances.

Good tips above tips can be useful for you and the people - the people around you, thank you

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