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Treatment of Diabetes / Diabetes With Natural Plant

- 2:48 PM
Sugar Diabetes is a disease, the disease can lead to weakness in the sufferer even allow patients unable to have children.

Signs - Signs Diabetes is :

  1. Weakness and often feel sleepy
  2. Agency feel stiff, sore and uncertain
  3. Urination is not smooth
  4. When exposed wounds difficult to heal and wound does not dry quickly

People with diabetes should not eat foods that contain sugar, meat, salt, air and drinking alcohol.

Several Ways To Treatment of diabetes :

  1. Take the bay leaves to taste and boil it with clean water, to boil then strain with a clean cloth. And the filtered water can be drunk every morning and afternoon.
  2. Take a round eggplant Java, use for food as fresh vegetables with rice, eat every morning and evening was repeatedly - again.
  3. Mauni dried beans and fried without oil in a frying pan (disangan) and then crushed into powder that is shaped like a powder da powder may be made as a substitute for coffee and do every morning and evening regularly.
  4. Take a banana seed young chinese dsan can be used as fresh vegetables with rice food.Perform afternoon and evening regularly.

Thus several ways of treatment for diabetes that I can share.
Hopefully bermaanfaat for the companions.
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