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Alert, 7 Trivial It Can Be a Sign of Brain Tumor

- 4:18 AM
Alert, 7 Trivial It Can Be a Sign of Brain Tumor - For example, if you have a tumor near the part of the brain that controls the hand or vision, the symptoms that will appear are weakened limbs or blurred vision, Schwartz said.

When we imagine that every cell in the brain can form a tumor - and the brain controls and translates information from all parts of the body - a list of brain tumor symptoms can be anything, Schwartz continued.

However, some symptoms and simtons are more common than others. Here are some symptoms of brain tumor that you should be aware of:

1. Seizures

Whatever your tumor type is, the frequent seizure is the first danger sign. "The irritation caused by the tumor causes the brain's nerves to ignite and you will get abnormal movements," Schwartz said.

Like brain tumors, seizures can also appear in many different ways. You can experience seizures all over your body, or just one part of your body or face.

2. Carelessness

Fall - careless (iStock)
Illustration falls - careless (iStockphoto)
If you so often stumble, drop the goods, or hard to insert the key into the hole, this could be a danger sign, explains Schwartz.

Difficulty speaking, swallowing, or controlling facial expressions is also a form of carelessness that can be caused by the appearance of tumors in the brain.

3. Nausea

Feeling nauseous or stomach ache, especially if this symptom occurs continuously and without reason, may be a sign of a tumor, Schwartz said.

4. Numb

If there is an area of the body or face that suddenly numb, it also needs to watch out, continued Schwartz. Especially if the tumor is formed in the brain stem, where the brain is connected to the spine.

This can cause you to numb or make your movements so uncontrollable so impressed careless.

5. Changes in memory or mind

While it is true that brain tumors can alter a person's behavior or personality, drastic changes such as those often portrayed in films are rare, Schwartz explained.

People with tumors tend to have memory problems, confusion, or other less dramatic thoughts, she adds.

6. Changes in vision

Blurred vision, multiple views (seeing things look like there are two or more), and loss of vision are also associated with brain tumors.

You can also see floating spots or certain shapes commonly known as "aura" in your eyesight.

7. Unusual headache

Although many people believe, headache is often not an indication of a tumor. "They can appear with very bexar tumors, but usually headaches are not the first symptoms," says Schwartz.

Causes of tumor

What is the cause of the tumor? Schwartz said, some arise due to genetic aberrations that can lead to brain tumors.

"But most tumors appear in people who do not have risk factors," he explained.

Children and adults over 60 are at increased risk of having tumors, but "everyone is at risk at any age," adds Schwartz.

Whatever you hear, the phone is not considered a risk factor. "This is a common misconception, but there is no evidence to suggest a link between cell phones and tumors," he explained.

For large and malignant tumors, coping may include surgery, drug administration, radiation, or chemotherapy.

The good news: Not all brain tumors are serious. "Many tumors are small and benign, and do not require treatment," says Schwartz. "If we find it, we will only monitor whether the tumor is enlarged or altered."
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