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Keeping Organ Oral Hygiene Important, Moms!

- 6:14 PM
Today, the role of wife has shifted. When the baby boomer generation role of wife pure household affairs and parenting. In the era of X generation has begun to happen shift the role of wife. Some wives take care of their children at home and others work. New to women born between 1980-2000, or often called Y generation or millennial generation, the majority of women are working, either from home or office.

The character of this millennial woman is also different! "They want to be able to do all, yes work, have fun, socialize, and take care of children at one time," said psychologist Ajeng Raviando, M.Psi, in talks Istik Resik, Harmonious Wedding held by Resik V in, Jakarta , May 7, 2018.

Women are now required for multitasking. For those who are married, the role not only takes care of children and families but also pursue a career. All the busyness outside the house sometimes make a woman trapped, which should be prioritized. "If you have children, the priority for children. Husband then eventually dinomerduakan, "added Ajeng.

1. Do not forget emotional bonding

Once the dense activity of daily unconsciously make us subordinate relationship in bed. Even some women consider that sex is only a routine. "This is very dangerous, because emotional bonding with a partner is very important. We should be able to increase passion and maintain relationships not only in the early marriage, but throughout the ages, "said Ajeng. So Ajeng advises, women as well as men should make the relationship as a necessity. That way relationships can remain harmonious.

2. Intimate organ hygiene, important!

The harmonious relationship of husband and wife is the responsibility of both parties. But as a woman, often unconscious personal hygiene can be the number one issue that hinders intercourse. "Maintaining the health of sex organs should be a priority. If you experience problems such as leucorrhoea, express to the husband, because it can cause discomfort, "suggests Ajeng. Whitish can be an obstacle because women become not confident, for example worrying that there is unpleasant smell.

In addition to the harmonious relationship of husband and wife, sex organs are always healthy and clean is also important for women themselves. Activities in the office and at home stay comfortable, without any complaints such as itching and pain

3. As important as the face and other body parts

For women, not only the face and the whole body to note. but the hidden intimate organs must also be treated cleanliness. Not only for those who are married, single women were obliged to maintain the cleanliness of the intimate area. Based on a study by Nurul et al., 75% of women have the potential to experience vaginal discharge, because the sex organs lie hidden. Hormonal factors also affect the cause of vaginal discharge and odor. These things make a woman not confident in serving the husband.

The intimate organ is certainly cleaned every day while taking a bath. But there are certain times where the condition of the intimate organs become more humid so it takes extra cleaning efforts, such as during menstruation or during solid activity.

4. Tips for caring for sex organs

  • Do not wash excessive intimate organs let alone into the vagina. Excessive leaching such as douching, or using harsh cleansers and soaps will remove natural protective barriers, and thus make them more susceptible to infections that cause odors and discomfort.
  • Rinse the outside of the sex organs with clean water and use only mild soap or special intimate organ cleaning fluids if necessary. Never try to clean the inside of the vagina.
  • When menstruating, do not use materials that can cause irritation that leads to infection, such as scented pads and tampons. Also just use panty liner when there is spotting, not every day.
  • Because the vagina already has a protection and method of cleaning naturally, so the environment around the sex organs remain natural moist. Do not use tight underwear that blocks airflow and does not absorb sweat. Humid atmosphere with no air flow into the vagina, only makes the bacteria and fungus fertile, especially in the folds are moist and dark.

So Mums, his wife today faces two issues, does not prioritize her husband, and forgets to pay attention to herself. We often only focus on physical appearance, but forget to keep the most basic, female organs. In fact, the intimate organ is an investment that must be maintained, both by married women and single still. (AY)
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Very well written blog. Loved it. Its not only parents , most of us don't take care much about the oral health as we do for physical health.

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