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How To Eliminate Allergy Lipstick

- 11:10 PM
Ladies, do you ever wear lipstick lipstick alias then you use lipstick make your lips so itchy or even cracked? Well, if ever means you fuck with me. Not long ago, I experienced the name of a lipstick allergy. So when using a lipstick with certain ingredients that until now I do not know, my lips so itchy like a lot of mosquitoes attacked.

According to Dermatologist, Dr. Delwyn Dyall-Smith FACD., Lipstick and lip care products are the most common cause of allergic cheilitis in women. Cheilitis himself, he said again as quoted health site, is a medical term for the inflamed lips. Because in lipstick content may contain high levels of fragrances and metals above the recommended cosmetics, lipstick is considered as a medium-risk cosmetic for allergic reactions.

So no wonder, if you later do not fit into one of the ingredients in lipstick, your lips can be itchy, dry or even blackened like a Zombie man, hiiiii ...

Then how to solve it? Well, there are some surefire ways you can do to get rid of your allergy.

1. Stop Lipstick Use

stop! via
This is the most powerful way that I have applied and the first I suggest, thankfully itching disappear when I stop using.

2. Apply Honey to Lips

Honey in Lip via

If your lips are dry even cracked because of allergic lipstick, you can apply honey on your lips after cleansed with a special cleanser of the lips. The most important thing, do not lick your lips if your lips are dry, yes ladies, especially if licking it because the fragrance of lipstick makes you hungry. Because Dr. said. Delwyn, licking the lips as a dry response of the lips can be an irritant dermatitis.

3. Avoid Lipstick Material That Makes You Allergic

Kandungan Lipstik via

This third way I also apply for lips, which eventually made me change the lipstick that I bought with Wardah lipstick. Not this ad lho, but the fact is so. Halal label also does not guarantee the content contained in the lipstick that makes our lips are not allergic, though God willing, ingredients and production remain lawful.

4. Use Lipsticks That Are Suitable for Your Lips

Lipstik Wardah dalam Berbagai Varian via

Finding Lipstick that is not only kosher, but also healthy and suitable for the lips was like looking for food, well thankfully, Exclusive Lipstick Wardah the green wrapper was not only just beautify the lips but also healthy because it contains Squalane, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Olives, my lips so no itch anymore deh !.

5. Consult or Consult a Doctor

Dokter akan menganalisis alergi bibirmu via

Kinds of appeal in the packs of medicines: if ill continue contact your doctor. So if your lips are still showing allergic reactions as well as have done many ways, you should consult a doctor. The dermatologist can help you to search and decide what materials make your lips allergic to the lipstick.
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