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Want Weight Loss? Avoid This Sports!

- 6:19 PM

Many people do different ways to lose weight. Starting from a strict diet to perform various sports to gain weight and ideal body shape.

Doing sports does have many benefits. Exercise is able to nourish the body and mind, make sleep more sound, and evoke a sense of happiness.

To you know, the sports you do have their own benefits and goals. However, many people are also misguided in doing sports, especially with the aim to lose weight.

Reporting from Popsugar, it turns out there are several types of exercise that should be avoided if you want to have a goal to lose weight. (WK)

  • CrossFit

Sports this one has a high enough risk. It takes a special skill to do this sport. When you are a beginner, a coach is needed to do this sport. It's good to choose a sport that has a small risk with optimal benefits.

  • Yoga
Doing yoga does have a lot of health benefits, but not to lose weight. Yoga is more focused to strengthen and build muscle. Muscles that form will actually add weight to your body. So if you have a goal to lose weight, you are advised to choose another sport. After weight loss, then it's time to build muscle by doing yoga.

  • Static Bicycle
This is another sport that is not recommended, especially for you who have a goal to lose weight. This is because the movement is quite aggressive and inconsistent. This will only make you feel hungry after exercise.

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